I am happy to purchase another copy of Mary Jo's book to share with others. She will always be in my thoughts and her family in my prayers. I once heard it said at a prayer service for a loved one that "her cancer was a gift." While I know this person was simply trying to spin the situation positive, I will never agree with this philosophy. I view cancer as a disease that steals life away from good people. Mary Jo's work on earth was not nearly finished. Her children were robbed of a beautiful, smart and courageous mother. I know that her love and faith will live on through them. This is the "gift." God bless Mary Jo for her tremendous work done in her 44 years on earth. She does leave behind a legacy to last a lifetime. 

Of the many lung cancer patients I cared for over the years Mary Jo will be the one most remembered. Her life story was truly one of Faith, Relationships and So Many Important Things.

God bless her for living a life not taken for granted. God bless her for living a life where everything mattered. 

I will gladly continue to share her story with others. May God bless her family with good health and great happiness as they move forward into a new chapter of their lives.

A special thanks to Kathy Wise for her help in creating and improving this website.  Kathy was one of Mary Jo's dearest friends, and she remains a dear friend to me and my kids, with the honorary title of "Aunt Kathy."  Along with Mary Jo's other wonderful friends, Kathy was an invaluable help in writing "Life After," and I thank God each time I remember her.

Photo Inset:  Kathy pictured with Mary Jo (L) at an outdoor cafe in Greece.

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Friends asked when the book will be available, if some will be signed and if an eBook version will be published.  First, the book should be available for purchase by mid-December (or likely, earlier), and I'll put a link or announcement to the website once I have it put-together. Second, yes, the first print, limited edition hardcovers will all be signed by yours truly.  Each of these is a high-quality hard cover, with a full cover, glossy dust jacket.  The hardcovers will be available for purchase first through this website, but only a small number will be ordered, so they'll also be kind of expensive at $37.95.  My intent is to send an email with link to friends and family when they can be ordered. Lastly, yes, there will also be an electronic version available through WestBow Press (Thomas Nelson) sometime in late December, I think, and I'll also post a note when that can be purchased and downloaded.
After I turned in the "final" manuscript, the publisher (WestBow Press) and I went through five additional revisions to the book ("Life After").  On October 26th, I signed-off on the final text (aka "Galley"), so it now goes to the printer.  The printer will send me an Author's Copy (aka "Printer's Proof") within the next two weeks, then the book will go "active" and should be available for purchase by mid-December, God willing.  I've also been advised to create a Facebook site and traditional website for friends and family who'd like to order the book, and I'm working on it.  I greatly appreciate the prayers and encouragement of friends.